21 May 2011

Come to Pirates Party at BIC and Support Mikias' Ethiopian Education

Mikias, an Ethiopian child, who had chronic osteomyelitis in his right forearm, was brought to Mallorca for treatment. This is the third child we have bought over to date. Mikias was taken in to Son Dureta right away and after several days with intravenous antibiotics; he was taken to the operating theatre to clean up the damage to his arm.  It was found that there was very severe bone destruction, created by the infection, so a long and complicated procedure to simulate the growth of pretty well the whole bone was implemented. This has lead to various operations and hospitalizations.

 Mikias began with his osteomyelitis (infection in the bone) 4 years ago. He suffered a fracture that could have been cured without any problem had there been the means and the antibiotics available in Ethiopia. But he ended spending a lot of time going to and fro from hospitals in Addis Ababa and slowly becoming worse.

He spent a year in a hospital without specific treatment, only traction.  In another hospital they wanted to cut his arm off and in another one they put him a plaster cast for three months. Fortunately a Cuban traumatologist, who belongs to the Cuban medical brigades and works in the St. Paulo’s Hospital in Addis came across Mikias.  He removed the plaster cast and found the wound swarming with worms. He gave him, over several months, antibiotics that he miraculously managed to get (in Ethiopia all medicines have to be paid for), and this has allowed Mikias to survive. We heard about  Mikias, through this Cuban Doctor and decided to bring him over to Mallorca for treatment.

Mikias has a 7 years-old brother and his mother has recently given birth to another child, a little girl. When we were in Addis last year, we visited his mother. They live in an extremely humble house and she was being helped by the support of her neighbours. Her husband who had to come with Mikias to Spain was the only bread winner. Mediterranean took care of the Mikias’ mother and brother while the father was unable to work and support his family.  We have learnt that when we take on a responsibility like this we have to see if in helping the child we might be creating a problem or worsening a need in the family. Nothing is as simple as it seems, all angles have to be studied and evaluated.

Mikias has kindly been allowed to attend school at the Baleares International College during this past year, as a guest student.  During their first few months Mikias and his father were staying in a house belonging to Mediterranea members.  When Mikias's mother was about to give birth his father had to return to Ethiopia as he is the sole breadwinner in the house and had to be with his wife should there be a problem. Mikias remained with us for further treatment and stayed in various homes of kind and generous people who will have left the mark of their kindness and love in his heart for the rest of his days.

It is now over a year since Mikias came to us and he has been housed and looked after by several families who are volunteers and members of Mediterranea.  Caroline Bennett has coordinated beautifully Mikias's stay in Mallorca. We would particularly like to thank the Paediatric orthopaedic teams under Dr.Sanpera (Hospital Son Dureta and Son Espasas) for their kindness, great professionalism and dedication. We would like to thank the hospital administration for their generosity and solidarity. All the treatments and hospitalization have been done free of charge, and we are pleased to report that Mikias is well on the way to recovery  and will be returning to his family within the next few weeks. We also wish to give very big thanks you to Mrs Glynnis Mitchell and the staff of the BALEARES INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE in Magalluf for taking Mikias into their fold, “family” and providing him with an excellent education, free of charge, throughout his stay.  In the beginning, Mikias was a very shy little boy who understood only a few words of English.  He has transformed into a bright, smiling, outgoing young lad who is fluent in both English and Spanish which will put him in very good stead and his future will be secure upon his return to Ethiopia as he will be able to work as an interpreter/guide and put his language skills to good use.

The School would now like to raise funds in order to ensure that his education is continued upon his return.  Two events have been organised. The first one will be A PIRATE´S PARTY on the 28th May at the school opposite the Western Water Park, Magalluf.  The party starts at 11am and everyone is welcome!  There will be raffles, Tombola, Bric a brac stalls, home baking, Paella and dancing and singing.  All proceeds will be donated to Mediterranea.  For the second event the pupils will be staging the musical “WIZARD OF OZ” at the Bendinat Auditorium, Salon de Actos in Bendinat, (the same building as the Bendinat Swimming Pool).  Entrance will be €5 per person. Shows will be on Wednesday, 8th June at 14.00 hours and Thursday, 9th June at 19.00hrs.  Tickets available from Mrs Beckett, at the Baleares International College Tel 971 133167

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