26 Dec 2011

The Rock-n-Soul Concert is a Success !

The Rock n Soul concert put on in support of Mediterranes by KG Custom Bikes Garage & Services on 17 Dec at their workshop in Poligono Son Oms was a big success.

Over 200 people attended, and they filled many boxes with clothes and food for the homeless of Mallorca.  Over 1000 Euros was also collected on the night.

The event was organised by Nelly Berens and Stefan Gotz of the New Mallorca magazine and by Knut Gruschka of KG Bikes.  Given the success of the event we hope that they will organise other such events in the future to bring more awareness of the work of Mediterranea and to generate more members.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to this team and their staff and to the musicians who made the evening such a success.

Talismen of Luck

'Un caganer o caganet' (a child and potty) is a figurine celebrating birth. Traditionally in the Baleares, Cataluna, Valencia and the Canaries it is placed in their cribs at Christmas.  Normally it is hidden in a corner of the crib behind a tree and represents that the 'necessities' also need to be done.  This tradition is fully accepted by the church.

Placing this figure in the crib is meant to bring luck and happiness.

Here we show you our own, handsome, live 'potty figures' of Abugida who will surely bring us luck too.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas

"Don't dream of happiness, make it a reality"

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from all of the Mediterranea Team.