11 Jan 2013


2012 has been an exceptional year for Mediterranea. There had never been so many of us doing volunteer work, we had never had so many fund raising events, we had never put in so much effort, and we had never helped so many people on a continual basis.

This letter is to express my thanks to all those people who have helped us in so many ways over the last year. People like young volunteers who are becoming more and more important in the world of solidarity, the schools, teachers and the pupils who have raised funds and donated food, the volunteers who buy and distribute food to the needy, the volunteers who transport the food and supplies, the volunteers who help with their knowledge to make Mediterranea progress and evolve, the professionals in the media, the people who work at pharmacies and help us, doctors, architects, interpreters, photographers, teachers, staff from the University of the Balearic Islands, people from the world of aviation, physiotherapists, engineers, people from the yachting industry, the tourist industry, the elderly lady who crochets beautiful warm clothes for babies, the couple of pensioners who gave their Christmas bonus money to needy children, people who have gone to work for our programmes in the third world, the sister organizations with whom we are very pleased to collaborate, translators, graphic designers, members who contribute with their monthly subscriptions and encouraging friends and family to join, the housewife who brings us children's clothing for the little ones in deprived families and coats for the homeless, the shopkeeper who brings us food he cannot sell but doesn't want to throw away because he wants to help feed the needy, sports clubs that hold events to raise money and collect items which we can distribute amongst those in need, the groups of friends, people in other countries who have sent us items to hand out, people who have travelled to all four corners of the world to distribute glasses to people who are unable to buy them, people who give us computers so we can fight against digital illiteracy, and above all I want to thank those people who I have forgotten to mention in this letter but without whom we wouldn't be what we are. 

Thank you,