15 Oct 2011

We Don't Make Miracles

We only give good solid food, attention and stimulation.  This cocktail makes miracles here in Ethiopia and in all parts of the world, as all children are the same.  

The nursery at Abugida School is a magic place where the children grow strong and are happy.  Where HIV+ children acquire the necessary defences to fight their condition.  Where seriously disabled children continue making progress, steps that appear small to us but are enormous for them…but we’ll talk of Dagem another day.  

Today we want to share with you photos of Meron, a small girl in the nursery.  One photo was taken not long ago when she started and the other was taken recently.  You can no doubt see the difference.

Thank you for helping us to achieve this, hopefully we’ll be able to create other Abugida’s.

13 Oct 2011

Mediterranea Members Relaxed Get-together

Dear Members

At the last Mediterranea meeting held at Amadip Cafe, Palma Nova in February members said how nice it was to have the opportunity to meet other members and suggested that the next such meeting should be more social, more relaxed.  So here it is:

Next Friday 21 Oct at Son Caliu Beach, starting at 6pm with a very happy hour from 6-7pm.

A very relaxed 'Get-together' with live music from guitar and singing duo "Guitarras del Mar" (recently performed at the Conde de Barcelona regatta), canapes from Delicioso Food with drinks included all for 12 euros a head (6 euros for kids).

All members are invited and we'd be delighted if you bring friends.  Tickets can be purchased at Rumours Bar in Portals Nous (next to Sa Nostra), Specsavers in Santa Ponsa (in front of the Eroski supermarket) or at Nassau Beach Club in Portixol.

Hope you will join us and take the opportunity to meet other members who support our charity.

Dr Michael Stoma