14 Jan 2013


In our endeavor to try to supply school children who may not receive all the nourishment they need at home with cartons of milk, we discovered that there are other essentials lacking in schools in Mallorca. Many students lack scholastic materials but even more shocking, many children do not have the books that are so necessary for them to continue with their studies. As we believe that the key to the future is education, we decided to take action. We organized a raffle with the help and support of Meliá, restaurante Sa Cranca, and, of course, all the volunteers involved. Through this effort we manged to raise 2,700 euros for a school in Palma, which covered the cost of all of the books that were needed  with plenty left for extra school materials. Dr Michael Stoma was more than pleased with the results as he was dubious as to whether or not we would be successful. But with the help of so many generous people, we  managed to achieve our goal. 

With so many families suffering economically at this moment in time, we have only succeeded in helping  one school but this is just the beginning!!"