28 May 2009


As you well know, the last 10 years of the Mediterranea's existence, has been managed 100% by all different types of volunteers, amongst them we can include:

Those who are of the firm conviction that it is our moral obligation as human beings to conscientiously, altruistically and with a genuine love for mankind, help others less fortunate than themselves.

Those who are, incensed, in the heat of the moment, by the great injustices of the world and who with true intentions to accomplish great things later discover that their initial enthusiasm dwindles through time.

Those who are seduced by the romantic idea of forming part of an NGO but when they realize that this commitment demands both their time and energy, quickly lose interest .

Those who dream of exotic destinations and then discover that their journey is far less glamorous than what they imagined.

It is extremely important that anyone who intends to form part of an NGO, initially goes through a period of self-analysis in order to understand and appreciate that voluntary work is a moral obligation about helping others, it is exclusively and completely about others, about individuals who depend on us and our constancy and unwavering dedication. A totally voluntary organisation can only function successfully under these conditions.


We believe that our volunteers should be capable of self evaluation. You should know who you are and be well aware of how much you are prepared to give of yourself; your firmness of purpose; the ability to think on your feet; your determination and a strength of character which enable you to cope with "brick walls" and extreme, frustrating situations (often those participating in visits to our charity areas/centres go with previous misconceptions); your capacity to adapt easily to an environment absolutely different to your own and a level of tolerance which accepts and respects other ways of thinking, other ways of living and other ways of getting things done.

For example, in Ethiopia we do not depend on volunteers for the daily functioning of the school nor the women's centre but we do like to have volunteers on hand who can give of their free time and also provide a wealth of knowledge as the need arises.

Our intention is not to colonize nor to tell them what to do. The spirit of our organization is to offer support and information when it is lacking. We aim to be the invisible, helping hand which permits them to grow and to learn. We respect the way they work and the way they go about it even if we disagree with their decisions.

If anyone reading this page would be interested in volunteering and becoming involved in any of our projects, please contact us with details of who you are and how your skills could be put to good use.