25 Jun 2010

We could not pretend we had not seen the problem.

We have decided to begin to support an extremely vulnerable sector of the population in Ethiopia, the elderly.
In Ethiopia the old age begins at the age of 50, and in some cases before.
Initially we will help 10 elderly people from Akaki (an area 25 km from Addis Abeba), who live in poverty.
This help will be channelled through the Edir, which will be responsible for the program. The help will consist of purchasing basic food for these elderly people.
The selected beneficiaries are poor elderly people who live alone or are in charge of small grandchildren.
To give an idea of the circumstances surrounding these elderly folk, here is a resume of their situation.
C.D.  She lives alone; 80 years old and has a pension of 50 birrs per month (2,97 €)
L.N.   She lives alone; 70 years old and has a pension of 80 birrs per month (4,76 €)
M.D.  She lives with a grandson aged  10; the child's parents are dead. She has a monthly pension of 60 birrs (3,57 €)
F.B.   86 years old. She lives in a space made with plastic sheets  that some people gave her, and she can barely move. She has no pension.
K.M.  Lives with a grandchild of 3 years whose parents are dead; she has a pension of 60 birrs (3,57 €)
A.S.  66 years old and lives with a grandson of 10 years whose parents are dead. He has a pension of 60 birrs (3,57 €)
A.A.  78 years. She lives alone and has a monthly pension of 60 birrs (3,57 €)
E.B.  75 years. He lives with his wife and has no pension. Both of them will be helped.
K.T.  73 years. He has serious vision problems and lives alone. He has a monthly pension of 100 birrs (5,95 €)

In principle, we are not going to establish a system of sponsoring, as we are well aware of the difficulties it entails in this project.
What we need are partners, to be able to help more elderly people. 
This program will cost us 3.990,- birrs per month, about 237,- €.