25 Dec 2013


These pictures of our programs in Africa are real. No Photoshop. They might look idyllic but that is the reality we have in the little microworld we have created. Often we have been asked if the pictures are touched up. The answer is “No”.
We also try to avoid the pictures that underline the miseries of those in need and that show the “superiority” of the north. In Mediterranea we strive to better the quality of life of those we are trying to help, and this is obtainable. Because of this we do not flaunt pictures of misery and poverty, there are plenty of those about.
We also do not want to build buildings out of bits of wood and call them schools. We do not believe in giving the minimum and saying that what they now have is better than what they had before. We believe that all children are equal and deserve the same opportunities, love and help all over the world. Children are the future, and how we treat them and how we educate them conditions the future of humanity.