20 Dec 2012


The collection of toys for the most underprivileged children of Sa Pobla, which was organised by the Juega y Educa shop, has turned out to be a success. In spite of everything, the children in this Mallorcan town will probably receive more than one present. Today for instance, some friends of Mediterránea, Sunsi Sillero and her husband Tim, have donated 157 toys, dolls and games. Today Kate, another Mediterránea collaborator, has delivered the 200 toys donated by the Captain and crew of the yacht Aglaia, along with the 2.800€ raised at the Christmas party recently celebrated by this wonderful and caring group of people. Really fantastic!
Tomorrow, the secretaries of Father Christmas, Cristina Moragues and Isabel Roselló, who are in the photo along with Tim and Sunsi, will continue collecting and wrapping up new donated gifts which will be delivered to the children on the 22nd. María Dolores Aguiló, the nurse in Sa Pobla and alma mater of the project which Mediterránea launched in this town, will begin informing the families so that all the boys and girls can attend the gift-giving party. What excitement!