27 Sep 2012

Milk for children thanks to the Lions

We would like to thank the Calvia Lions for their donation of 1000€ for baby powdered milk and cereals which was handed out this week in Sa Pobla for the feeding of the undernourished children that we are trying to help in the area.

Most of the children we help to feed have started school and many have no school books as their parents can not afford to buy them.

26 Sep 2012

A proposition from the Sebeta

Kefale has sent us a proposition from the Sebeta Blind Children's School in Oromia (Ethiopia). He and the teachers of the Mesi room have an idea to better the quality of life of the children this new academic year that has just started. Asside from all they do they propose to:

1)Teach the students Mobility and Orientation again.
2)Teach Braille to those that are blind and teach how to read and write those with partial vision.
3)Teach hygiene measures to the under 10 year olds.
4)Teach the children how to cook for themselves and how to get about in and outside the school.
5)Give them academic extra tuition.
6)Create a Special Education Club.
7)At the end of the week they want to dedicate some hours to creating a theater group, and to reading stories and poems to the children.
8)They want to create a collaboration with the teachers in the government school to share experiences and knowledge.
9)They want to create a local Visual Handicapped peoples association.

It is clear that when people have vocation and interest then miracles can become a reality.