12 Jun 2012


We can’t resist sharing with you the rough draft of the recreational park which is a result of the creative genius of Marc. Not only has he designed a park but he has also come up with the idea of a theme park connected to Ethiopian stories and legends. He has even taken careful consideration to ensure that the different features of the park include elements of Christianity as well as Islam! We never imagined being able to do something like this!!

As he says the swings could be horses crossing the desert, the "zigurat" is a set of slides and ladders to climb which will be built on the slope...

There will be wind chimes to represent the birds and add a gong or some tree trunks to make……… even more noise. Just let your imagination fly.

The castle is a children’s playhouse which will be adapted slightly to make it look more like a castle...

I haven’t yet worked out the Ark of the Covenant completely but it could be something that spins or rolls ....

The maze, the crossing of the desert, crocodile seesaws, climbing nets, different levels (mounds of earth), tree trunks for balancing, car tyres in zigzags etc. There will also be some invention based on wheels (shifting sands). Everything you would find in a standard playground but using local history and colours and easy to maintain.

We are honoured to have you helping us, Marc!!

10 Jun 2012


Javier, who works in the Palma branch of the  ONCE, has made these 3D maps of the Sebeta school for the blind children. The buildings are all marked and the children can  read more about them in the sheet in Braille that will accompany the maps, this way they will have no problems finding their way around. 
The school is on the same plot of land as a large teaching center. The Sebeta is on the right hand side of the map, there we can identify the Messi room's building, the administration area, the dorms, the water tank tower, the gym, the clinic etc, etc, places that our teams have helped to restore and/or implement.

Paste this : 8.90987,38.621637 in to Google Maps.