9 Sep 2012


Click on the link to see the location of the plot of land the Akaki authorities have given us permission to use for the creation of a recreation and sports ground for local children and young people. The land is so much better than we thought it would be!!

Click here to see the plot of land.

The authorities of Akaki consider this to be an extremely important project and they are being very obliging, making it as easy as possible for us to create the park since nothing else like it exists in the local area.
Akaki is the poorest sub-city of Addis, so much so that it is situated in one of the areas of the country which receives help from other areas.  

If you are interested in finding out more you can visit the website of Marc who is developing his ideas here which he will then put into practice over there. The more ideas we have the better!

Click here to see Marc's web

Mark stars his trip on Tuesday.  He will be on his own initially but in October Arturo from Son Ferrer will be joining him to help out. Arturo hopes to take a few friends of his with him, the more the better, the quicker things will be done.

If you would like to help do not doubt in getting in touch with us.