17 Sep 2008

Reading and writing lessons for women.

It seems a few men crept in to the classes, I guess we will just have to let them stay on. The students are full of enthusiasm and keen to learn. These classes were stared at the same time we started to include first year primary in to the school.

The classes in the Yeka school started in the third week in September. We have now contracted all the staff for the kitchen, dining hall, and the guardians who will be providing security 24hrs a day. At the same time the new teaching staff who will help the senior teachers have been contracted.
We will have three classrooms for the smaller children (140 of them) and the elder ones will use the dining room as a class room.
The Yeka school is special in that it accepts children of any age who have never had the chance of going to school before. There they will spend two years till they catch up with their contemporaries. Rain slowed down the final phase of the construction of the dining hall. But we are up and running now.