28 Apr 2013


ImageOn Saturday 6th of July 2013, Nick Mason (15) and Sebastian Page Franklin (16) aim to set sail in their open dinghy, Rocky, and circumnavigate Mallorca to  raise money for the charity Mediterranea.
The trip of 160 nautical miles is expected to take us between 10 to 14 days. At night we will either attempt to sleep in the bottom of the boat, or on a beach.
Every morning we will get a weather forecast and, if we are unable to sail, we will spend the day cleaning local beaches and telling people about our trip in the hope of securing a few last minute sponsors.
Mediterranea runs programmes on Mallorca and in Africa. Here they are instrumental in providing books and milk for junior school children and have organised a number of food stations throughout the island during the time of Spain’s economic crisis.
Whilst on our voyage we will......CONT.