4 Aug 2009

Bamba at Marineland

Dear Bamba,
Thank you soooo much for all your kindness on our trip to Marineland . Without you we could not have put the smiles on the children´s faces. It was an experience that they will never forget. Myki is still talking about this big tall strong man who carried him down the steps to see the dolphins swimming underwater. Thank you for the posters....now everyone will know about Marineland in Ethiopa!!!!!!! Eldana, Marta, Lydia and Laura send you a big "abrazo" y muchisimos Gracias. Thanks to you their day was so very special.
Kind regards
Jackie from Mediterranea

3 Aug 2009


Please feel free to add comments.
It is easy to do.
Your feed back, ideas and suggestions are very welcome and can be shared with the people from all over the world that visit this blog.
Your comments can probably help us better what we do and better the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Here is a question for you so that you can send in your comments: Why don't more people in the first world help to compensate the injustices of this world? And what can be done to counteract their indifference and/or justifications for not helping?


At the end of July, the first set of nursery nurses trained in our Women's centre( also our Headquarters in Addis), will have graduated with honours.

Twenty women, of all ages, many of whom come from a Refuge Centre dedicated to helping abused women have, during this year, been able to learn a trade or skill allowing them to compete in the job market, become economically independent and therefore able to escape from vulnerability, poverty and unemployment. On completion of their course they have recieved an official certificate which qualifies them to do practical training in orphanages and to work as nannies to babies and small children in private homes.

Mediterranea is working alongside TTTM, an Ethiopian NGO which is in charge of the logistics of this training course This is the same NGO which founded the only refuge for abused women in Addis.

The future of our Women's centre in Addis depends on the worth and importance that TTTM bestows on our project.

We are waiting to hear their decision and also how we could approach this collaboration both logistically and economically.


Prostitution in Addis

Our local collaborators in Addis have informed us of the alarming increase in the spread of HIV, in the spots commonly known to be used by a great number of prostitutes, especially in a place called Piassa.
Addis is turning into a huge brothel; at any time of day but particularly at nightfall, an army of women take to the streets to survive through prostitution. Some of them ply their trade in the bars, massage parlours or hotels.
Sadly, Addis is gradually growing into a very serious destination which attracts tourism for sex. Research has proven that a great number of Europeans and Americans are exploiting this situation.



Many broken-hearted locals, foreign residents, visitors, holidaymakers and all pacifists cry openly. We don't understand and can only ask the question "WHY"?

A new wheelchair

Tomorrow, thanks to the generosity of a kind-hearted person who has offered to pay the costs, we will go to an orthopaedic store to order the most suitable wheelchair for Mykias.