9 Jan 2012

New Year, New Administrator

We have started the new year by hiring Bahru Shikur as the general administrator and supervisor of our projects in Ethiopia.  Bahru has a lot of experience working for foreign NGO's in the area of education and is himself a teacher trainer.  He also has useful managerial and financial experience.

Med's projects in Ethiopia are already large and are growing.  We need a good manager on the ground who can guarantee that our funds and efforts are used to best effect.  As you know financial transparency is one of our mottos.

Bahru speaks and writes excellent English which will certainly help with communication, which have have learnt is essential in trying to manage projects from a distance.  We hope that with this appointment the overall operation of Abugida and our other projects in Ethiopia will become a lot easier and less problematic.

We'd also like to take the opportunity to give our thanks to Cristina, our volunteer auditor who spent the month of December in Ethiopia and who dedicated long hours to putting our accounts there in order.  A thankless job that is however extremely important and quite complicated when the idiosyncrasies of Ethiopia are taken into account.  Cristina is now in charge of all the economic matters in Ethiopia.

I would like to welcome Cristina and Bahru to the Med team.

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