16 May 2011

Mediterranea and the Crisis

 The effects of the crisis have been felt at Mediterranea but surprisingly this has been a good thing.

To begin with we noticed a slight decline in the number of members and a decrease in the quantity of new members but as time has gone by the amount of people who have joined Mediterranea has increased and we haven’t had any drop in numbers lately. Likewise we have noticed that new members show a clear interest in taking part in our projects which has enabled us to expand our activities and the quality of our programmes.

We find it very touching that some people join without even knowing us personally. I think it would be interesting to carry out a small survey to find out why people decide to become members. I think it would also be interesting for members to give us ideas on how we can increase our membership database.
For Mediterranea, the most important thing is the number of members rather than how much they give. The combination of this gives us the strength to carry on.

There are people who collaborate who are not actually members. We are grateful for their help but their presence in the membership ranks would provide us with more stability and in this way they would gain recognition in the ONG and for their work. Mediterranea exists because we carry out our work and because we give a few euros each month so that we can pay everything that needs to be paid in order to keep this great charity working.

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