19 May 2011

Opportunities for Members to Become Involved

Communication Team

We’d like to know if there are any Med members who would like to form a small team of ‘Med journalists‘ to report on our work. We are missing some opportunities to tell the stories of the people we help here and abroad.  We feel that by recruiting Med talent into a small team we will be able to deliver a wider range of varying articles on our blogs.  This is an essential part of what we do as the people who support us with monthly financial contributions want to hear how their money is spent and how we are positively impacting people’s lives all over the world.  If you are interested please don’t be shy in coming forward.  Previous experience not required just a passion for what Med is doing.  Please contact: Michael Stoma at 

Member Recruitment Team

As you no doubt read we recently surpassed 300 members for the first time.  This has come about through a gradual and natural growth, through word of mouth.  Of course this is the very best and most
appropriate way to build our following.  However, the reputation that Mediterranea has built for delivering on promises here and in the third world means more pleas for help from those in need…and it can be very difficult to turn away some of these pleas for want of members to support the work.  To address this we wanted to form a small team from amongst our members to see if there are any opportunities for speeding up our growth.  If you are
interested please contact: Michael Stoma at 

Golf Tournament Team

We’ve decided to run our first Mediterranea golf tournament, provisionally planned for this coming winter.  We see it as a good way to raise funds, show case our work and recruit new members.  If you would like to get involved in the organisation of this event, you don’t need to be a golfer, then please contact: Michael Stoma at  mediterranea.ong@gmail.com

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