19 May 2011

TV Coverage for Med's 4th World Programme in Palma

Dear Followers of Mediterranea

Here is a link to a report made and broadcasted by a local TV channel about the delivery of food that we make every week in Palma.  Entrega de alimentos en Palma de Mallorca   

The local Association of Malians (people of Mali) allows us to use their office for the distribution.  People of many different nationalities including Spaniards from the mainland and Mallorquins impacted by the crisis gratefully receive the food.

Speaking on the video is Fernanda from Mediterranea who is in charge of our Fourth World Programme in Palma and Omar who is president of the Association of Malians.

The distribution of this food is made possible by the funds and effort of Mediterrnaea and the unselfish donations of shops and individuals.  We have already entered our third year of operation for this programme

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