27 May 2011

Up and Running at Sebeta

 Virginia and Debora and now installed in the school for the blind at Sebeta in Ethiopia and have already started their work.

They are giving classes to the students of the teaching training college for the blind in how to get the best out of the teaching materials.  They are also giving classes to the masters who are teaching using Braille at the school.  Showing them creative methods for teaching the blind children by planning creative, expressive and learning activities.  Permitting these blind and visually deficient children the stimulation of expressing themselves through the different languages of speech, poetry, drama etc.  In this way achieving learning that is constructive and significant.

In the afternoons they are playing with the children in the play library that they have created using all the play learning materials that they brought with them.  These games are very important to stimulate areas of their development that are often forgotten.  They also give the children a lot of joy as can be seen from the photos.

Virginia and Debora will leave an important legacy in Sebeta because education is the best investment you can give.

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