27 Aug 2011

2011 Mediterranea NGO AGM

Dear members:

I should like to invite you all to the next General Meeting on Friday
2nd September. The first session will be at 18.30 h and the second at
19.00 h. It will be held at the Mediterranea headquarters in Plaza de
Portals 3, local 5, Portals Nous, Calvia. Mallorca

This has been a very important and productive year for Mediterránea.
Together we have managed to achieve a better existence for the people
we help and we are creating a better future for so many children.
Mediterránea is and should continue to be an active charity, loyal to
its principles, participative, transparent and with the capacity to
respond quickly to the problems and situations of injustice we are
faced with on a daily basis.

At this meeting the members will be given the opportunity to vote in
the members of the Board.
We hope that the meeting produces a very participative Board. All
members will have the possibility of becoming a member of the Board.
Anybody who feels that they can rise to the challenge and contribute
something to the charity, who is prepared to be an active member of
the Board should present their plan of action at the meeting which
will subsequently be brought to a vote. We hope that nobody will be
too embarrassed or shy at coming forward with their suggestions and
ideas for collaborating on the Board. We are all there to help those
who are most in need and each one of us is just a small part within
the whole mechanism of solidarity.

The Board members must participate actively in the charity.

Those who adopt attitudes or behavior which opposes the principles,
values and spirit of the charity, i.e. disloyalty, abuse of trust and
attitudes which could damage the social status of the organization,
will not be allowed to become members of the Board or they will have
to discontinue their duties.

The members who attend the General Meeting can:
> • Participate in the designation and removal of the members of the Board of Directors and evaluate its management.
> • Be selected as and select members of the Board of Directors.
> • Participate and vote in the Members General Meetings.
> • Propose items to discuss at the Meeting or before the Board of Directors.
> • Examine at a given time the balance sheets and accounts of the charity.
> • Reaffirm or rectify the actions of the Board of Directors.
> • Evaluate and approve the statutory reforms.

Functions of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of active members. Its legality and
legitimacy are determined by the statutes and its election is carried
out at the General Meeting. For legal purposes it must be registered
at the premises of the charity, after the acceptance of responsibility
of the each of the chosen members has been recorded in writing.

Just like the functions of the General Meeting, the functions of the
Board of Directors are recorded in the charity's statutes, the most
important being to:
a. Define the policies of the organisation in accordance with the
statues and the mandates of the General Meeting.
b. Elect the President of the Board of Directors, the Vicepresident
and Secretary for the period of time set in the statutes.
c. Appoint people as required and assign them duties to ensure an
efficient administration and running of the projects.
d. Create ad-hoc and/or permanent work groups. Establish the number of
members, their duties and make the respective appointments.
e. Study and take decisions on any matters presented to them for their
consideration by the different work groups.
f. Present the annual financial and social reports at the General Meeting.
g. Present projects for reforming the statutes at the General Meeting.
h. Approve the annual expenses budget and keep an eye on the expenditure.
l. Dictate rules and regulations for fulfilling the objectives of the
j. Comply with own regulations.
k. Evaluate own performance and that of the work groups.
l. Choose who is authorised to sign the bank accounts.
m. Others (we hope that in the course of the Meeting more points to be
included in this list will be raised).

If you wish to delegate your right to vote to somebody else then
please let us know in writing (email) before 2nd September.

1)General summary of the charity's development in 2010
2)Summary by sections/programmes given by the people who were in
charge of the same in 2010
3)Financial summary of the year 2010 given by the accountant.
4)Discussion, requests and questions.
5)Presentation and election of candidates for the board.
6)Summary and conclusions.

I stress that the Board of Directors is the most important body of any
association and for this reason, you can all present yourselves as
suitable candidates for election.
To put yourselves forward as candidates, all you have to do is present
your project at the members General Meeting, being aware of your
responsibilities as members of the Board and your duties within that
Board. We look forward to the creation of a very active and ambitious

Many thanks,
Kind regards
Michael Stoma

NB Please let us know if you will join us so that we can calculate the
number of members who will be present. We hope to have to email you
one or two days before the event to say that we are moving to bigger
premises due to the confirmed number of attendants. (our email is: mediterranea.ong@gmail.com)

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