24 Aug 2011

6 God Mothers/Fathers Needed for 6 Babies

To date we have had 51 children who have needed sponsorship and for all of these except for 6 little boys and girls we have godfathers or godmothers.  These 6, with the exception of one, form part of the new generation of one year olds who started at Abugida in July.  They are children of single mothers, some of whom are ill and the others servants (servants in Ethiopia and in the context of Akaki work all day and are given only a bed and the leftovers).  The situation of these mothers is very vulnerable.  If the owners of the house where they work decide to throw them out, not only do they not have work but they are also left without a home and have to live on the streets with their children.  Other mothers have had to give up their children because they have not been able to support them.  All of these mothers are trying to survive in extreme circumstances.

Sponsorship requires an emotional commitment on the part of the godfather or godmother and a monthly payment of 24 Euros.  This money not only secures the life of the child but also the life of his/her family, since a mother who is HIV+ that can eat is a much stronger mother.

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