21 Aug 2011

In a Place Called Ethiopia...the Return

After a long weekend away from Sebeta, today we returned to the Mediterranea workshop.  From the welcome we received we imagined that they thought we had left for good and without saying goodbye.  We dedicated the morning to our labours, we had to adjust the clothes that we had bought since the majority of the children are sickly thin and we could only find extra large sized trousers.  At the end of the morning session we offered them a healthy breakfast, a banana and a piece of bread.  In the afternoon session we performed a funny sound based story that we had spent some time preparing.  When they finished the activity we surprised them with an energy giving new tea, a Nocilla sandwich.
We start the day with a good portion of potassium
Some eat the banana first and the bread afterwards
An energetic tea to end the afternoon session.  Who can resist a Nocilla sandwich?
 We have proof that shows that they liked it enormously
 Conclusive evidence!
 Will you give me a little of yours...?
 Others however have to postpone their enjoyment of tea until after the sun goes down
 Some don't like the idea so much
They are focused on reproducing the sound of the bell: sol..mi
Those in charge of making the sound of a cat
An entertaining story in which everyone has a part.  You have to be focused to make sure that you make your sound at the right moment.
I love music!

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