30 Aug 2011

Super Barry Returns to Ethiopia

We are happy to announce that super Barry arrived last Friday in Addis Ababa.  For those who don't know him he is our volunteer constructor who makes possible the impossible.  Who obtains the correct prices for work when we're having our leg pulled.  Who understand everything structural and technical and is the first to roll his selves up and get to work.  Thanks to him we were able to build the extensions and additional buildings at Abugida, make all the repairs to the Biru Tesfa School and repair the bathrooms at Fitawrari School.

Barry will go to Sebeta to find a solution for the repugnant bathrooms of the blind children who are living there in squalor.  Barry will go to the headquarters of the train company to agree a quote for the repair and fitting of a space owned by that company which is planned for an old peoples community centre.  Barry has to resolve the issue of the cesspit at Abugida, which has not been enlarged despite the large increase in the numbers of children.  He also has to tackle many other pending repairs at Abugida, which is like the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona never seems to end.  Barry will go to Biru Tesfa School to inspect the quality of the work of the Ethiopian constructor that we contracted to see if he is worth using again.
Have a good trip Barry!

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