31 Aug 2011

Summer Feeding Programme at Fitawrari School

Hello Followers of Mediterranea

As I’m sure you’ll remember last Nov we started a school-feeding programme at the Fitawrari Public School.  We built and fitted out a kitchen and washroom and we renovated an existing room to act as the dining room.  We contracted four cooks chosen from the most needy mothers of Abugida.  During the term time 113 children of the primary school have breakfast, lunch and tea, chosen from the orphans, those who are HIV+ and those with very difficult family situations.  We also provide breakfast for all the 160 children of the preschool; the most needy of those also have lunch and tea.

This is the first summer that we have had the kitchen operational at Fitawrari and here we attach some photos.  It is the rainy season and it is cold in Akaki and for this reason the dining room fulfils a second function of keeping the children warm.  The dining room is also operating at the Biru Tesfa preschool where there are 100 children using this facility.  We are awaiting photos.

Photos: Waiting for lunch, cooking in turns.

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