8 Nov 2009

Food bags

On Friday at  14.30 we delivered food bags to the group of unemployed
illegal sub-Saharan immigrants we had selected to help during this
time of hardship and crisis.
52 people will be fed with these supplies for a week. About 7 are
children. We handed out over 340kg of food.
These people are very generous with the little they have so probably a
lot more people are going to be fed than we think.

It is thanks to the help we get from  Mady, the secretary of the Mali
association, who knows his people well and the situation of each and
every one, that we can get to help only those really in need. He makes
sure that those that are lucky enough to get a job are not included in
the list of beneficiaries and that those that lose their work
specially those with children to feed, are included as soon as

Today we will hold a meeting with four families with children that
have slipped in to a precarious situation.

Ideally the kind of help we need in this program is for a given entity
(school, business,(2), club, organization) to take on the responsibility
of providing a singe type of food on a weekly or monthly basis.  This
week we had a meeting with the Mata de Jonc school in Plama who has
agreed to help us one Friday of every month. There are over 400
children there, so it will be pennies to the parents and a great help
to the poor.

A kilo of rice can be found for 0.7€, for the donor it is 0.7€, for
the hungry it gives them a ration of rice a day for a week.

We need:
Rice, spaghetti, macaroni,
Flower, sugar, vegetable oil
Canned tomatoes
Onions, potatoes, garlic
Red pepper, pepper, etc
Soap, razor blades
Sheets, towels, sleeping bags, blankets.

Thank you all for your kind help, without your efforts this would not
be possible.

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