7 Nov 2009

04/11/09 Our child support programme in Abugida.

As you already know, we have set up a child support programme for children living in high-risk situations. This project has been organised for children who attend, or used to attend our schools.
Our initial scheme has been started in Abugida with the use of funds raised to finance school materials.
In order to spend all funds collected exclusively for our centres we are appealing to our members to consider sponsoring the keep of a child.

This project consists of finding families in Spain(or elsewhere)  willing to commit to the maintenance ( 22 euros a month) and well being of a child which , obviously would affect positively  all members of the foster family and especially any brothers or sisters the child may have.
It would be very important for a child in these circumstances to know that someone in Spain cares for them.
The family or person who decides to support one of our pupils will receive photos and information about the child after every visit that we make to the schools and if they wish can also visit the child themselves if they wish to do so.

The Abugida school will take charge of administering the money for the family involved under our strict control.

The children and families chosen are those in most need due to illness, parentless and extreme poverty.

If you are interested in supporting a child, please contact apadrinamediterranea@gmail.com and you will receive the pertinent form and all the information that you will need.
Thank you.
PS we initially turned down the idea of individual child sponsoring as it is very labour intensive and would bring us a lot of work and expenses and so take from the actual programs. This project will only cater for children in great need and will be run by one of our members in the north of Spain.

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