1 Nov 2009

Providing food for those in need.


The recession in Spain is affecting ruthlessly many immigrants who due to the complete stand-still in the construction industry are now unemployed. They came to Mallorca looking for a better standard of living and now find themselves out of work, in a situation of complete poverty. They live in overcrowded flats, waiting for the winter to arrive and sharing the little food they have with each other.

In Calvia,  which just a few years ago held the title of the richest municipality in Europe, we now find groups of people waiting for the shops to close so that they can rake through the bins to find food so that they can survive.

To have food on the table is a basic necessity/right for every human being. We must remember, we are living in Mallorca, a paradise for some where the most absurd extravagance and wealth exists side by side with cases of extreme poverty.

We in Mediterranea, intend to do something about it. Help us.

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