12 Nov 2009


Well we are all ready for the BIG DAY ...The 14th November  is the date set for the DESIGNER CLOTHES SALE in the House of Katmandu , Magalluf.  The lead up to this event has been great fun and thanks to an incredible team effort all the clothes have been sorted  and are now ready for display.  In the photo Pat, Linda and Zara are

just adding the finishing touches ... This is not a jumble sale but a sale of very special garments better known as "Haute Couture" from the top designer houses . The sale will be held in the Marquee at the House of Katmandu.  Preview hour will be from 11am to 12noon where visitors will pay a small entrance fee of €5 with the  chance to buy  a "pick of the best" .  12 noon onwards entrance is FREE .  Expect the WOW Factor !!!   ..Valentino, Gucci, Carolina Herrera, Versace,  Lacroix, Dior, Armani to name just a few.  Suits, jackets, dresses, blouses, trousers in cashmere, fine silks, wool, organza.  The lady who has donated these garments wishes to remain anonymous but we would like to send you Señora   A  BIG HUG and THANK YOU  because thanks to you all proceeds will go to MEDITERRANEA to HELP THOSE IN NEED 

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