15 Nov 2009

Saturday , 14th November 2009

WE could never had imagined that there were so many beautiful svelte-like ladies  living on this island and this morning  they were all knocking on the door of the House of Katmandu in Magaluf  for the opening of our DESIGNER CLOTHES SALE  .  Yes, today’s event was a huge success.  The whole team assembled at 10am to put the finishing touches to the displays,  and the final brief was given by Pat and Linda. It was so exciting…at 11am on the dot the first customers arrived and we were off!.  This really was an exclusive occasion as all the ladies were thrilled to be able to purchase garments by the leading fashion houses , Dior, Valentino, Yves St Laurent, Carolina Herrera, Galiano, Versace etc at a fraction of the original price . The WOW factor arrived at the end of the day when the final count came and over  €5.400 was raised !!!!(final amount will be published in local press and on our website www.mediterranea.org.es  ) We would like to thank everybody for all the support we were given , the children that put their pennies from their pocket money into the collection tins ,  the new members and volunteers that have joined MEDITERRANEA  today, and a big round of applause and THANK YOU to the lovely Spanish lady who donated the clothes…..we promise you that every cent will be used to help those in need.
 X Jackie for Mediterranea


  1. Well done Medettes!! You make the world go around.

  2. Well done to you all, a great achievement.

  3. Linda Spratt18/11/2009, 16:31

    They think it's all over.....Well it is now!!

    You wonderful, wonderful people - over €5,400 euros profit from the Designer Clothes sale and the whole operation completed with zero expenses. Heartfelt thanks to You all, the volunteers and organisations involved in this event - because of your generosity, every single cent raised will go directly to the poor and needy supported by the Mediterranea network.

    Thank you all for your amazing help, support and pure hard work which made this whole event happen - it's such a cliche, and everyone always says it, but it is so true: This could not have happened without every single one of you.

    Thank you Pat for bringing this opportunity to Mediterranea's door, and who together with Zara, Vicky and Sharon have been eating, sleeping and even dreaming designer clothes for the past few weeks. They took on the bulk of the hard work of sorting and preparing for the sale, week after week without grumble or complaint. Sales teams, you were amazing - a good product is one thing, but making the sales is what counts, and you all really made it count yesterday. (And didn't we have fun too?!!). Thanks to all you supporters out there who showed up and spent your money on Saturday - without you guys there would not have been any point to all the hard work.

    Many thanks also to everyone who sourced and supplied us with rails for the clothes - it made the whole event so much easier to organise, and we looked truly professional when we opened the doors at Katmandu on Saturday. We will get them back to their owners next week.

    Thank you Nicola and Leslie at Katmandu for your fantastic support, and also to Bill Webb and his wonderful boys - you made light work of our load, which would have taken us hours otherwise. Finally, Thank you Jackie for your boundless enthusiasm, support and mothering (it has to be said!) these last weeks, and please pass on love to Nando for putting up with all the emails and constant phone-calls that eat into your precious time together. We know that without his support you wouldn't be able do all that you do, and we really appreciate it (and him).

    It really wouldn't have happened without you all. Thank you.