9 Nov 2009

The Hadley Factory

A letter that just has to be read :

Hi Michael and Jill,

I will get involved in the Mali project as soon as I can.

At the moment we are spending a lot of time in Can Gaza and Casa LLarga.
As soon as that project is up and running we will come and help you with the Mali project.

Can Gaza - New water filter system will be installed this week.
This will be donated and installed for free by Sue and Hugh Jones who own
Cool Oasis North. Sue Jones has been doing very well collecting lots of clothes and blankets.
She is as well a new member of Med.

               - Every Thursday we still collect the food of Illona from B29(the boys really love this treat)
and Carlos from the French Coffee shop gives us bags of bread and croissants.

A friend of Jackie donated a television which will be picked up tomorrow.(casa LLarga)
A stereo was donated by Carlos and repaired for free in Nice Price.(Can Gaza)

Casa LLarga - Phil Robinson has donated a digger for 2 days this week to clear out a path at the back of the house
and to dig around the house so we can lay a damp course.

He also will give us 2 tons of sand, 5 bags of cement to rebuild the wall at the back of the house.
Mick has managed to get a 80 litre boiler for the second level of the house.

As well Mick has managed with the help of Ian Hool of Real Homes to get his brother in law, Tim Bolton,
to donate all of the electrical equipment and plumbing equipment needed to make all electricity and plumbing done on the second floor of the house. This level will house another 8 people.
He will also supply the workers to do the installation.

Michael, We´ll send you the names and NIF numbers when they go in.

It´s important to know that the men living in the house are all involved in the renovation work and work very hard.

Ok, we´ll keep you updated.

The Hadley´s
Wow! That is production!

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