30 Jul 2012

News from the Sebeta Blind Children's school


"Here are the photos of the training at Sebeta.
We are continuing with the teacher training and seeing how they are developing. As it’s the school holidays and there are no lessons we have been doing mornings and afternoons making the most of the time and their eagerness to learn. Using a fairly practical and experienced methodology we have transmitted new knowledge, on the one hand about psychomotricity: methodology based on providing support and listening to the needs of the boys and girls, types of games and evaluation by psychomotor parameters which will help them to assess, register and programme an individual plan of work for each boy and girl. On the other hand: global stimulation   (cognitive, fine and gross motricity, autonomy and social skills) to incorporate new resources into the work of scholastic reinforcement in the Messi room. The four teachers are developing in their work and this is reflected in the progress and well-being of the boys and girls. They are fantastic!! They look at them, they welcome them, they listen to them and they give them loads of affection...They had their doubts about the period of time since the previous training in December which is a sign that they have been working extremely hard. The stay at Sebeta has been really emotional, I feel that they can, they want to and should become more independent. I BELIEVE WE CAN "SEE" OURSELVES MORE!!
The three of us have been welcomed and looked after which has made it much easier for us to contribute in our own ways according to our practice and experience, ignorance and spontaneity.
We are really happy with the project at SEBETA!!!"

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