15 Jul 2012

Good news!

We at Med, are very happy to be able to inform  you  that the "Breakfast for the children at the Akaki Mengist school" program is going to be a reality.
The project is about giving breakfast to the 33 special needs children and adolescents and 150 other children in the school for a whole year. AEA Solidaria (Air Europa and Globalia) have decided to fund the project.
Members of AEA Solidaria will travel to Ethiopia in August to see our programs and the schools we work in. That way they will get a first hand impression of the needs in the area and the work Mediterranea does.
The Mediterranea schools in Akaki programs are growing and so are the number of children that are given breakfast every day at school. With the incorporation of the Akaki Mengist to the fold we will be helping to feed over 1000 children.
In Abugida the children receive, breakfast, lunch and merienda.

Thank you AEA Solidaria!


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