30 Jul 2012

More form the Sebeta


From Laura I:
"I am sending you some photos of the psychomotricity sessions with the boys and girls at Sebeta. I have found it very emotional seeing how they have developed which is reflected especially in their play, posture, movement and expression.
It is worth highlighting their improved use of space and in particular, height, which shows there is confidence, security and support between the children and teachers. Their games are symbolic, being a sign of evolution, freedom of expression, recognition and identity. Their paintings are getting more colourful, as are their lives … AND OURS TOO..."

The teachers we have at Sebeta in the afternoons, Saturday mornings and throughout summer are amazing and it’s a pity they are not allowed to join in with the morning activities, but they are too creative and it is more convenient to have the children punching holes for several hours... Thank goodness their afternoons, Saturdays and summers are more fun and creative!

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