13 Jun 2011

The Wizard of Oz and Another Happy Ending

On Thursday 9th June the staff and students at the Baleares International School (BIC) had two reasons to feel proud. Firstly their performance of the Wizard of Oz was a triumph. Over 100 children from the primary classes showcased their singing, acting, dancing and musical talents to a full house at the Bendinat Auditorium. Secondly they bid farewell to Mikias

Mikias is from Ethiopia. Four years ago, aged 10, he broke his forearm. His family’s poverty, the scarcity of medical attention and resources in Ethiopia and a failure to control infection found Mikias in a position where a simple childhood accident left him facing the amputation of a limb. Life is hard for Ethiopians, for a child amputee it would be unthinkable.

Dr Victoria Baldó, co-founder of Mediterranea an NGO, was alerted to Mikias´ fate whilst visiting other projects in the country. She knew his arm could be saved and brought him to Mallorca. 

Dorothy’s adventures in the Land of Oz cannot have been more frightening and amazing than Mikias´ stay in Mallorca. Thrown into a culture and lifestyle in stark contrast to his own, with only a few words of English and little contact with his family, Mikias set about making friends and getting better. He has stoically endured medical procedures first to control the ostemyelitis and then to replace the bone and has now, after a year in Mallorca, been declared fit to return to his family.

Countless people have helped to treat, house, feed, entertain and teach Mikias but an outstanding contribution was made by BIC. Already involved in some of the projects to help the needy in Mallorca, BIC were quick to offer Mikias a place at the school. These educational and social opportunities enriched his stay immeasurably. He now chatters away in English and Spanish, skills that will bring employment opportunities back home. But that’s not all. BIC have made a long term commitment to Mikias so that he can continue his education and have made a generous contribution from the proceeds of the Spring Fair and ticket sales for the Wizard of Oz for this purpose. 

Written by Mediterranea Member LD

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