18 Jun 2011

Educational Toys for Blind Needed

On the 26/6/11 we will be off to Ethiopia to return young Mikias with a restored arm and with a future. All of this is thanks to the team at the Son Espasas Hospital, the Baleares International College and the hard work of many Med members. Between them they have changed his life right round. Mikias goes back with an arm, speaking good English, a fair bit of Spanish and having bettered his education greatly.

We will be returning him to his family and then we will be going off to our school in Abugida and to visit three other schools we collaborate with. One of these schools has over 140 blind children. Today we have been shopping for toys to help educate and stimulate these children. Should you have anything at home that you think could be of use to them please let us know as soon as possible and we will take it with us.
We will keep you all informed about the trip and how things are evolving at the Ethiopia corner of the Mediterranea NGO world.

Warm regards, Michael Stoma

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