15 Jun 2011

Europe Day & Citizen of the Year Award!

There can be few things more satisfying, more gratifying, more rewarding than when you have raised a considerable sum of money for such a wonderful charity and all enjoyed doing it!  We all experienced this feeling on Europe Day on 8th May.  The Med team had worked really hard planning the event beforehand with committee meetings and emails going to and fro from each one of us.   Everyone did their bit!  We all knew the jobs we had said we would do and we were all there to carry them out on the days previous to the event and on the big day itself.

The weather was perfect, just right for the people to amble around.  We were placed not far from the band and the great music they belted out from morning until late evening kept us all in high spirits.  We sang and danced as well as served and enticed the public to become aware of this great charity and the work it does on a day to day basis, both here in Mallorca and other countries.  Some children of the Med team helped us to encourage people to buy our goods and take part in the tombola and I am sure this pleased the crowds to see it really was a 'family affair'.

We were all exhausted at the end of the day - but exhausted in a nice way!  We all knew it had been a good day, a job well done.  We all knew the difference this money, we had raised as a team, would make to the lives of so many people.  We all knew we would sleep well that night knowing that we had done our bit that day to help make this world a better place - and that is exactly what Mediterranea is all about.

Written by Med Member Diane Oates

Diane and the team raised €2016 from our stand on Europe Day.

In the picture Dr Stoma is accompanied by one of our hard working volunteers and is bearing the highly coveted ‘Citizen of the Year’ award presented by Calvia Town hall to Dr Stoma on the day.  In his acceptance speech, which he gave in Spanish and English, Dr Stoma accepted the award on behalf of Mediterranea and gave the large audience a lovely and heart felt overview of the work that we are currently undertaking.  The award-giving and his speech were greeted with rapturous and well deserved applause. 

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