29 Mar 2011

Yes I Can. The Story of E.


My name is E and I’m a little girl 22 months old.  I have been going to the Abugida kindergarten since it started in June of last year.  My life until then was sad, as is the case with many of the children who live here.

I was born with the evil illness of Africa, we can only whisper the name of this illness, an illness that stigmatises and marginalises all who have it.  In fact I even had to overcome the prejudice of some of my carers because we all know that babies are little pigs and that there is a lot of physical contact in a kindergarten.  Some carers were immediately shown the door because they were insisting that children like me must use different cups and plates to the others.

In April of last year, all the children who were going to start at the new kindergarten were given a medical examination.  The foreigner who examined me thought that I wouldn’t be able to attend the start of the kindergarten; such was the distressing state of my health.  Without food my body couldn’t take the medication necessary to treat my illness and rejected it.  The foreigner bought my mother a lot of baby food and milk.  She told my mother to stop breast feeding me so as to avoid re-infecting me (there wasn’t much breast milk coming anyway) and to fatten me up as much as possible.  My mother did as instructed and my health started to improve.  Today I am big and strong as you can see from the video.

I am not a miracle.  I am not a work of charity.  I am not a poor sick little girl.  I am a happy and healthy girl, yes, healthy because I am leading a normal life.  The same as the other children in my school who have the same as me.  We are all well and all happy.  We are like all the children of the world should be: loved, properly fed and stimulated.  It is no fault of ours that we have been born in one of the poorest parts of the world.

They told me that in July my favourite foreigner will be returning to the kindergarten.  She will see how much I have changed, my foreigner member of Mediterranea.

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  1. What a heart-warming story, and how nice to see the results from everyone's efforts to help these deserving children.