31 Mar 2011

Michael's March Review

March has been a very active month for Mediterranea.  We have made a lot of progress and have started a lot of programmes and activities that without doubt will mark the future of our young and active organisation.

One of the things that come to mind was the first meeting of volunteers and potential volunteers that was held in Mallorca and was a big success.  Some of our members on the peninsular have asked when we shall hold a meeting for them.  Mediterranea works in independent teams and this was the first time that people had the chance to put faces to names and mix with members of other teams.  It has been proposed to continue with these meetings in order to facilitate cooperation between members, the sharing of knowledge and to have open discussions.  Natalie’s group, who collect fresh food (fruit and veg) for the 4th World Programme, meet regularly and set a good precedent for us to follow.

In this month we successfully launched Dignipack and we continue to develop this project.  It would be ideal if we could arrange for some schools to take on the responsibility of collecting items through their pupils.  In this way we could create the packs without having to dip into our funds.  The initiative was so well received that this programme could be set up in any area where there is a homeless population and where there are no rivers or public showers.  As you will see in the ‘What’s on in Mediterranea’ bulletin we are continuing with our commitment to the unemployed and to the people who are socially excluded, bringing them food, clothes, medication and education.

Ethiopia, sorry I mean the Independent Republic of Abugida and its teams are running at full steam.  Various groups are preparing to go to work and where possible to improve the operation of the school.  At the same time we are starting off an educational programme for blind children.  We have never done this before but are counting on caring volunteers with talent who undoubtedly will take an effective direction and hopefully create a model that other schools in Ethiopia can follow.  We are also continuing to help the aged of Akaki and with our very successful sponsorship programme that is supporting desperate children in need.

Meanwhile, our understanding of the world of the internet and its use for the sharing of information and recruitment of volunteers is growing daily.  It is fascinating and stimulating.  There’s no doubt that if it wouldn’t be for the internet, we would never be able to do the many things that we are doing in our free time so that Mediterranea can help so many people in so many places.

In March our fundraising teams have been very busy preparing a number of events for April and May.  We shall keep you informed on all of these events.  As you know our monthly income from our members is 7300 euros.  Our fundraising events give us injections of funds that allow us to take on specific and extraordinary projects and also provide us with the security we need to overcome the challenges we meet along the way.

Mikias, the 15 year old boy who we brought over from Ethiopia to operate on his arm is nearing the end of his treatment and if everything goes well he will have his final operation in two weeks time.  Providing there are no complications he will very soon be back with his family in Ethiopia.  In the year that he has spent in Mallorca he has learnt Spanish, English and a little German and French.  As a result of this he will be able to lead a good life back in his country as a guide or translator.  Working one day for foreigners in Ethiopia he will be able to earn more than his father in a whole month.  The Baleares International College has organised fund raising activities to collect money to support Mikias’ further education for when he returns to Ethiopia.

I am happy to say that we have seven new members in March, one from Ibiza, two from Mallorca, two from Elda and one each from Ferrol and Madrid.  Thank you for joining us and helping us to do what’s necessary to try and make this world a little better.

There are many things that I have not mentioned in this brief note, for example the many members all over who are making and collecting toys for the blind and disabled children.  I hope that you will write to us telling us what you are making for Mediterranea so as to serve as a stimulus and learning opportunity for other members and other NGO’s.

Every one of these projects is important.  We have much to learn and very much still to do.  Thank you for being with us.

A big hug.

Michael (President)  

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