30 Mar 2011

The Independent Republic of Abugida

Dear Followers of Mediterranea

After months of vicissitude, confrontation and dispute…that started last summer when we confronted the Edir Behibret, the neighbourhood organisation to whom the local government had given the DISadministration of Abugida school, which was subsequently terminated by the subcity as a result of our ultimatum; the mess continued with the committee that was then appointed by the subcity to take over the DISadministration of Abugida and eventually stopped by them after we again denounced their severe DISadministration.

At last we are moving into what we hope is a new era for the school: one that permits us to take direct control over the money that we send out.

We are still in the process of becoming a registered NGO in Ethiopia, a process that we believe will take a couple more months, but the fact that they are permitting this step is an indication:
-         of the persistence of our ideas and ideals
-         of our clear and consistent rejection of corruption
-         that Mediterranea’s projects in Akaki are important for the Ethiopian administration and of course the people of Akaki.

So today we are content, because we have taken giant steps since our beginnings in Ethiopia, a country that is certainly very complex in its own way but one that hooks you and captures you as only it can.

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