21 Jan 2011

New !! Facebook Account in English.

Dear members and followers of Mediterranea, we are pleased to announce that we now have a Facebook account for Mediterranea in English, please click the following link www.facebook.com/pages/Mediterranea-NGO-ONG/168538416524140 to check it out.

We have had one in Spanish for quite a while and it is well supported with many members making comments, giving feedback and ideas.  We would very much like to achieve the same with our English-speaking followers on this Facebook page. So if you are a follower of our UK blog and use Facebook then please 'like' our new page (click the 'like' box at the top of the page) and spread the word to your Facebook friends.  
We hope that through Facebook we shall be able to reach out, build awareness of the work that Mediterranea is doing and ultimately win more supporters and volunteers.  I hope you can help us with this.
Thank you for helping us to help others.

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