21 Jan 2011

We Are On the Way and Together with Virginia Perez

Thank you to everyone who has responded to our request for help with ideas and handicraft skills, to produce items for the deaf and blind children of Akaki Mengist School, Ethiopia.

We are on the way.

If anyone else would like to help please write to Ana at     apadrinamediterranea@gmail.com Ana is coordinating the work group.

We have the great pleasure to announce that Virginia Perez, creator of the original Braillin doll, has offered us her support.  She has volunteered to make Braillins for the boys and girls in Ethiopia.  What’s more she will adapt them more to the educative needs of the third world than those that are used here.  Undoubtedly she is the best person to make them, as she was the person who first thought of and made the Braillin doll.  They are more complicated than they appear at first sight.

We believe that Virginia, with her long experience of working with blind children, will be able to bring us ideas, especially ones that can be fulfilled without the technology that we are accustomed to here but does not exist elsewhere in the world.

If there is anyone else, from ONCE, or teachers with experience of integrating deaf and blind children into schools, who would like to help by offering their presence and experience in Ethiopia then you would be very welcome.  The more we are the better we’ll do.

We want to have a class for blind babies in Abugida, aged 1 to 3 years.  We need someone with experience to help us with this project.  Just so you are aware nothing like this presently exists in Ethiopia.  The idea is that blind babies, by spending time in the kindergarten, where they will receive special attention, will be fully integrated with the other children by the time they reach school age.  We know that we will have to overcome a lot of fear and prejudice but we are confident that we will be able to achieve it.

In the Independent Republic of Abugida everything is possible.

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