23 Jan 2011

Super Barry in Action

Very early yesterday morning, Barry who is our volunteer builder, arrived in Addis.  Later in the day we received a message from him saying that the floor of the kindergarten was already half finished (the cork floor that had been languishing for months awaiting someone to lay it).

He had also spoken with the local builder and got them to agree to finish the outstanding work in Abugida according to the original conditions of the agreement and to leave the disputed items to be resolved later.  Barry arrives and matters are quickly advanced after months of discussions.

On Monday he will go to Biru Tesfa School and together with some of the parents from the school will start work on the numerous repairs that we have mentioned previously, the cracked walls, broken windows and unserviceable toilets etc etc.  During his trip Barry will also produce a budget for the four new classrooms and adjoining toilets planned for the deaf and blind children of Akaki Mengist School.

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  1. Barry, you look like you are having fun in the picture, resting after a hard day. Keep up the good work!!