15 Aug 2012


We can emphatically and happily state that the teachers employed for the Messi are wonderful.
They themselves – there is nobody supervising them – open the doors to the Messi room and the gym for the 100 children who have spent their summer there as they had nowhere else to go.

Before the Messi room was set up these children would vegetate in their homes or neighbourhood whereas now they take turns to attend the stimulative workshop and gym activities in the mornings and afternoons from Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings.

Kefale, Abdeta, Adugna and Kidist interact with the children in a way that is so moving to watch, because we know that unfortunately this is not normally the case in Ethiopia, especially when working with disabled children.

Every day a little boy of 6 with visual, motor and psychic disability attends the Messi. He plays and is happy there. We give his mother financial help so that she can take a few hours off work in order to take her son to the Messi.

All the children in the Messi room are happy and the best thing of all is that their teachers are happy with them. The four of them are always smiling. If only we could export them from the Messi and take them to all the schools for blind children, to all the schools in the country.

Thanks to Abdeta, Kefale, Kidist and Adugna for being as they are.
You are the pride of your profession.
They are in the photo with Laura, Cristina and Bea, who visited the Messi to supervise very recently, and they came away very pleased with what they saw, just as we did.

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