15 Aug 2012


The centre was offically opened in May this year. The results are not as we had anticipated, not through lack of users but because the leaders of the local Edir which runs the centre have not made any effort to get it up and running. They were also annoyed because last year some Mediterránea volunteers - at their own accord and risk and without consulting us or considering the expenses involved - started to make them ridiculous promises including repair work at some of the pensioner's  houses.

We take this opportunity to inform all our future volunteers that they must never make any promises because they create false expectations and then we end up having to take responsibility for the consequences.
We have seen that the only way to get the centre up and running is to employ somebody to liven things up so we are employing a lady to open and close the place each day and who seems to have the resources and willingness to make it work. Let's see what happens.

We had a meeting with the 15 elderly people we sponsor and gave them their monthly allowance. We are happy to be able to say that they are all alive and in relatively good health at the moment.

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