4 Jun 2012


I can remember the first generation of melons (the two year olds) at Abugida, 3 years ago already. They looked so small and indefensive…they hardly moved.
But they soon started to look more grown up next to the 1 one year old babies.
We now have our third generation of melons, just as “full on” and demanding as ever! Their carers are called Mulu and Kedija and they are really loving and dedicated.
There are 28 boys and girls.
They keep a daily record of what happens each day, they have everything under control.
The melons are able to feed themselves perfectly and they help to clear up the cups and plates.
The melons have now got new toys, including a paddling pool filled with balls which was a great hit with the children and they didn’t even want to get out of it to go and play!

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