4 Jun 2012


Each time we go to Ethiopia we have a meeting with the mothers and fathers at Abugida (and with the grandparents and foster families of the children who no longer have parents). It’s a very positive experience for both sides to exchange views and it helps everybody to get to know each other.

As you know Abugida is a liberal school which accepts children and families of all religions: orthodox, muslims and evangelists.
This religious freedom is absolutely fundamental for us.

Religion is very important in Ethiopia and there is hardly any agnosticism. However, in many cases religion is strongly linked to the help people receive, in other words people who convert to evangelism will receive help, as is the case in many private schools run by religious institutions (of any religion).
The main religions are orthodox and islam but the number of evangelists is steadily growing.

We have posted some lovely photos of the meeting.

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