21 May 2012


We have an especially wonderful carer called Nuriya at Abugida school. She wanted to look after Dagem, the 4 year old boy with cerebral palsy who has spent the last school year at Abugida. And she does it brilliantly!
She loves him so much that she even finds it hard to give him to his mother when she comes to collect him. Dagem is really happy, he smiles all the time and his face lights up.
As of July there will be two girls with cerebral palsy at Abugida.
One of them, Tamrawit, had meningitis when she was two months old which left her with cerebral palsy, affecting all four limbs and most probably, seriously affecting her sight. When her father found out about this complication he abandoned Tamrawit and her mother, Ayanalem.
Ayanlem makes a living baking injera bread or washing clothes. Tamrawit is two years old and she needs to be carried on her mothers back, so she will now be able to work in better conditions and Tamrawit will be well looked after and stimulated at Abugida.
The other little girl is called Haymanot and she lives with her mother Meskerem and her father. She is just 15 months old. Haymanot suffers from a condition similar to cerebral palsy which also affects her speech and both arms and legs.
We spoke to Nuriya and told her that two more special needs children would be arriving and she would therefore need some help, we asked her if she thought any of the other staff at Abugida would be suitable to work with her looking after the special needs children. She told us the name of one of the kitchen assistants, well known for her good character and commitment to her work. Nuriya herself would take on the responsibility of looking after these two new girls.
In addition to Tamrawt and Haymanot we also have some children with HIV, a little girl with a sight problem and another girl with a deformed foot which we will attempt to treat as far as we possibly can.
The families of special needs children in the local area are now aware that their children receive priority treatment at Abugida.

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