23 May 2012

At the Sebeta School

We visited Sebeta where we met the new director and saw the little houses where the children live, the Messi room and the activities in the gym, which is all sponsored by us.
The new director is so much more human than the previous one and she supports us in everything.
With regard to equipment and sanitary conditions, the living quarters are much better than they were before we stepped in although there are still things that need repairing. One of the houses, where some of the boys live, is especially difficult to maintain in good conditions and we have already had to repair the toilet several times.
In general, however, the outcome is positive and it is all much better, particularly since the visit of the Digniteams who installed the new water tank so they always have water available.
The children are cleaner, as well as their beds, thanks to the help of the new laundry staff.
The teachers employed for the Messi room do a great job and they are now there all day long: during the mornings they work in the Messi room with mentally handicapped children who don’t attend the regular classes, children who used to vegetate in their living quarters. There is a girl from the village who is blind and mentally handicapped who also receives physiotherapy from one of the instructors, Kefele.
Her mother has to stop working for part of the day in order to bring the girl so we have decided to offer her some help so that the little girl can keep on attending the Messi.
In the afternoons and on Saturday mornings the Messi room and gym are open to all those who wish to take part.
They have a great time in the gym, releasing loads of energy and showing how their psychomotricity has developed in spite of their deficiencies. We had an especially emotional moment when they told us how happy they are in the gym and the Messi room and asked us why we had chosen to help them.

To summarise, the projects at Sebeta are going well and things are working out with the staff we have employed.

And the children are so much happier than before.

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