24 Apr 2012

Tirusew is one of the 51 children sponsored by Mediterránea. Sponsored children are chosen by the school to be sponsored as they are the neediest of the needy.  

Tirusew was being sponsored up until a few months ago but he no longer has a sponsor. 
Even though Mediterránea has a fund for when a sponsor parent stops paying or a suitable sponsor has yet to be found – given that we obviously can’t just leave them without any help in their unstable situation – the money from this fund could be used for developing community projects. 
What’s more, we know that when the new toddlers arrive there will be more sponsorships since all families have to present a certificate declaring poverty which means they live in extreme poverty.  

As we wish to continue growing in everything we do, we are looking for a new sponsor parent for Tirusew and other children who we will mention at a later stage ( Esubalew, Hana , Tismegariam...). Fortunately, there are not many of them. 

Tirusew lives with his mother who is ill and his ten year old sister Tigist, an extremely bright child. 

Tirusew is also ill. His mother Alem is 30 years old. His father is dead. 

This is one of the first families we visited at their home 5 years ago. Alem told us that she tried to make a living as a cook but once they found out about her illness they got rid of her. She was terrified that her landlord would also find out as she knew that he could throw her out of the small room where she struggled to live with her children.

Tirusew is 6 years old and goes to class KG 2. It is a blessing he attends Abugida school and receives meals because he is keeping strong despite his illness. He’s a very good pupil. 
His mother makes a living in whatever way she can, but her state of health and the rising cost of living (rent and food) make it impossible for this family to survive without our help. 

If you would like to sponsor Tirusew please email: apadrinamientosong@gmail.com

We are well aware that the financial circumstances of each and every one of us can change, especially in these difficult times, and we completely understand this. But if you are thinking of sponsoring a child we ask you to consider the moral commitment which can stretch over several years. We ask you not just to follow a fleeting impulse to sponsor a child as a temporary measure because the reality of the situation of these children is sadly all too real.

We will send you photos and updates on him and his circumstances and if you wish you can even meet him, as other sponsor parents have done. 

We have parental consent to publish photos and stories relating to sponsored children.  

Photos: A recent picture of Tirusew with his mother Alem and Tirusew when he was smaller.

Thank you very much.

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